What is Spencer?

Spencer is a web-based application for the assessment, intervention and management of mental health, developmental and learning difficulties in primary and secondary schools.

Solving one of teaching’s biggest frustrations

Spencer is a software programme specially designed as a tool to assess and support the mental health and development of the individual pupil.

Its main purpose is to help teachers understand what their students are having difficulties with, most importantly it gives them advice and guidance on what to do.

Schools can access to Spencer online. To start teachers simply set up bespoke profiles for individual pupils. Spencer then provides a toolkit on all aspects of the emotional and behavioural needs of the pupil, it considers strengths and weakness in terms of mental health, well-being and development.

Finally, teachers can access recommendations on how to deal with the common and unique situations that arise when a pupil is failing to thrive.

How does Spencer help my pupils?

Spencer identifies a pupil’s unique strengths and difficulties using a series of simple questionnaires.

The questions cover every aspect that has a bearing on an individual’s ability to succeed. Pupils are assessed in terms of their unique physical, environmental, neurodevelopmental and cognitive, emotional and relationship needs.

By working through these themes for an individual Spencer provides practical interventions that are designed to empower teachers to help and support the pupil more effectively.

The results can be used to guide targeted action plans and to gather evidence to support referral of a child or young person to more specialist help if appropriate.